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Quotes Just wanted to say how pleased we are with Spy. She is a beautiful dog who has adopted us totally. She is learning quickly and is the #1 student in puppy school - by far. She is adored by everyone in the neighbourhood and has made friends with all of the dogs...I can't tell you how pleased we are with her gentle temperament! She has already graduated to sleeping in the bedroom with our daughter -- she sleeps through the night with no problems. All in all, an incredible German Shepherd. John Quotes
Owner of Raylex's Eye Spy

Quotes Just wanted to drop you a message to say how pleased Vicky and I are with Zeus. We are very pleased with the time we spent with you and the caring help you have given us. We gave our preferences for what we would like in a dog and you delivered. Zeus is seven months old now and is the talk of the neighbourhood. He is super friendly, learns quickly and handsome. Zeus has become an amazing attribute to our family. We have had many strangers approach us asking us where we got such a beautiful dog and we always drop your name and website. The obedience classes trained us more than Zeus in return giving us the confidence and knowledge to train Zeus for our lifestyle. We also know that when the need arises we can contact you for help; this is invaluable to us and sets our mind at ease. We all thank you for your knowledge. I cannot say enough about you or Zeus he has taken our hearts and he?s a great dog. Quotes
Jamie & Vicky
Owners of Zues

Quotes We were looking for our first family dog and wanted a German Shepherd we called Alana, we immediately felt confident and trusting in her abilities to give us a dog that would be safe in our family home with our young children. Lexi (our name) was 11 months old, so sweet and beautiful; it took five minutes for us to say 'yes'. Lexi can be walked by our 6 year old daughter, she is kind, social with other pets and people, super smart, beautiful, healthy and well trained. People think we are incredible dog trainers and we admit we had little to do with it, we simply went to Raylex, and were given a trained dog, we follow Alana's training advice and Lexi responds beautifully. When we get another dog we will only to go Raylex, we love sharing our story as new dog owners, we are so grateful to have Lexi in our family and to have Alana's ongoing support in our doggie adventures. Quotes
Laurel and Chris
Owners of Bianca

Quotes I am impressed with your website because of the listed genetic line of the breeding dogs. I love that your dogs are your family and was very impressed with the cleanliness & care. I have never been to a breeders home where all the dogs were so friendly! I love that you didn?t rush us, nor did I feel pressured in any way by you. Even my vet was impressed with his temperament she tested him and said he did not show any aggression at all. She also assured me he is in excellent health with a beautiful coat. I enjoyed the free training lessons. When we came to see you a few weeks ago, for a reunion of Storm?s litter & to pick up his papers, you asked me if there were any problems. I?ve never had a breeder ask me that, (and I have had experience with quite a few) and the question took me aback. Of course, the answer was no, but it is a comfort to know that should I have any concerns I can contact you for the duration of Storm?s life. I know you care as much about him as we do. Quotes
Michelle & Allan
Owners of Storm

Quotes Thank you so much for providing us with such a great family pet. Your guidance and support over the last 6 months are more than I would have ever expected from any breeder, hands down.Puppies are a handful and you were there for us every step of the way. It is more than apparent how much you love ALL your dogs. Molly is a fabulous dog and we all love her to pieces. She is great with the kids and really has just been such a great addition to our family. We couldn't have asked for more from her, and from you. I would, and have, highly recommended you and your Shepherds in a heartbeat. If we ever decide to make the jump to a two dog household, there's no doubt that you'll be the one I'll contact. With much love, Quotes
Zelia & Bob
Raylex's Molly Mooo

Quotes We have had the pleasure of having owned three loyal companions to our family and losing Jessie so suddenly left a huge gap in our lives. We started researching for a new Shepherd almost immediately. We visited a number of breeders and checked online with numerous searches. That's when we came across Alana at Raylex Shepherds. In first talking to Alana over the phone we were immediately impressed by her knowledge about shepherds and her sincerity. We explained our situation and the traits that we were looking for in a Shepherd as a true family member. That's when she arranged for us to visit and meet "Roxi", a beautiful 5 month black and tan female with exactly the laid back calm disposition we were looking for. Well "Roxi" is 9 months old this week and we couldn't be more pleased with our choice and her recommendation..... Alana made that happen and we are extremely pleased we had the opportunity to connect with her and Raylex. Quotes
Karen & Fred

Quotes In search of our newest family member we are so pleased we found "Raylex Shepherds." Our initial visit to meet the Raylex Family was tremendous as we were greeted by all the dogs and pups like we were old friends. Our home is a very child friendly and where two mature Golden Retrievers also reside, so a German Shepherd with great temperament was a must and Raylex Shepherd's temperament is outstanding. When we walk through our neighbourhood people stop and comment regularly on how beautiful she looks and walks. Also, the puppy training that Raylex provided gave Lola a great start with her socializing! If you are looking for a great tempered German Shepherd that you will welcome as your newest family member you need to give Alana at Raylex Shepherds a call!.. Thanks Alana and Lorys as we know you will always be there if we need you! Quotes
John & Betty-anne

Quotes We were looking for a German Shepherd that would make a great family dog as well as a protector for our then 10 year old daughter. We came across Alana?s website and her love for dogs shone through. We chose Moxy and part of the condition was we were required to take part in basic training with Alana. What a blessing that was. We loved the training so much we continued for two years into the advanced level. Moxy is everything we had wished for. She loves to play with my daughter?s friends and other dogs and has a wonderful disposition for this. As a protector we felt very comfortable leaving Moxy to ?watch out? for our daughter while we stepped out to run errands. This would not be possible without Alana and her breeding and training skills. We learned so much about how to live with a Shepherd from her. We strongly recommend that you check out Raylex German Shepherds and once you take a pup into your home make sure you take the training. It is extremely important. Quotes
Rob & Brenda
Owner of Moxy

Quotes I have referred you to many of my friends since the first time I met you in November 2009 I have been impressed with your love and care for your dogs, your professionalism and follow-up and continual support to us. We were very impressed with your ability to match the perfect dog for our family and lifestyle. We love Delgado so much he is so sweet and his temperament is so "zen" that he is a magnet to children, puppies, dogs and adults alike. He is so handsome and well trained that people and cars actually stop on busy streets in Toronto to ask us where we got him and/or to tell us that he is so gorgeous. He is easy to train (house trained by-the-way, in one day!), patient, intelligent and loyal. We have two small children (5 & 6 when we brought Delgado home) and they drape all over him, take him for walks. Our girls say he is "their brother from another mother!" Overall, a wonderful, easy, stress-free experience to becoming part of the Raylex family. Quotes
Owner of Raylex's Delgado

Quotes We cannot thank you enough for the joy your puppies have brought to our lives. Logan, our male sable, and Sookie, our female black and tan, are the perfect addition to our new family. You matched their temperaments perfectly to our lifestyle and to one another. We cannot imagine our lives without them and their endless kisses. Upon meeting you both, the love you have for your dogs is evident. The lifetime support you provide your clients is phenomenal. The amount of support you have already provided to us over the past few months will never be forgotten. Your obedience sessions have helped us immensely with training them. Their confident and calm temperaments constantly amaze us and anyone who meets them. Our walks each night take forever because everyone we pass asks us to stop so they can admire them. They love the attention they get and your socialization methods have made them extremely people friendly. Quotes
Rita & Maz
Owner of Logan and Sookie